The Trituration Handbook Review – John Morgan, Helios Pharmacy

The Trituration Handbook – Into the Heart of Homeopathy.
Anneke Hogeland & Judy Schriebman

For several years there has been a great interest in C4 potencies and this excellent book tells us, in a very readable form, exactly what they are. When reading this book it is obvious that it has been born out of the authors’ enthusiasm for what they describe as ‘the trituration movement’ and their stated intention is to excite and inspire readers to have a go and experience a trituration themselves. In fact the first half of the book is a practical step by step section on how to do a four step C4 trituration and a comprehensive guide on how to conduct a proving whilst preparing a remedy.

The book starts with an acknowledgement of the people who started and developed the C4 movement, namely Withold Ehrler, Jürgen Becker and Alize Timmerman. In 1993, Erhler, a biologist and non-homeopath, was intrigued by remedies having personality profiles and triturated some Calc Carb with the aid of an old German pharmacy handbook. This particular edition specified four trituration steps as oppose to three which Hahnemann described in the Organon. During the process Erhler, a gifted sensitive, experienced strong symptoms and insights into the remedy which astounded him when compared the similarity of his experience with the Materia Medica of Calc Carb. He continued quietly for many years triturating remedies and writing down his ‘transmissions’ before sharing his experiences with other homeopaths who took it to the wider homeopathic community. Interestingly Erhler also created a detailed cosmology of the C levels which is well described in the book i.e. C0 (the original substance) represents the unvital body, C1 the vital, C2 the emotional, C3 the mental and C4 the spiritual. This also extends to the C5 representing the individual unconscious, C6 the collective unconscious, C7 the global archetype and C8 the transformation of opposites to ‘oneness’.

The second half of the book shares some practical experiences of new remedy triturations the authors have made and the proving information received, including colourful artistic illustrations, whist making Persimmon, Tumbleweed and Kidney Stone. They also made Calendula and Carcinosin revealing some deeper insights into those well known remedies. There are many other interesting testimonials and case studies, from homeopaths from around the world, who have had C4 remedy experience and seen a difference in their practice when using them. The book includes a foreword by Jonathan Shore and short interviews with Alize Timmerman and our own beloved Martin Miles.

If you have any interest in the C4 potencies then this is the book for you. It is well written in an engaging style, is practical in its approach and the authors have done a great job in unveiling the mystery of these remedies. I complement the authors on their work and generosity in making this information available in such a clear and practical way.
It is true that trituration is the most powerful way of potentising a substance and the extra dimension of C4, and beyond, is an important development in the evolution of remedy preparation for the future. Remedy making provings are an intimate way to connect with a remedy and reveal it’s healing potential. Other innovations in remedy preparation will surely develop in time as homeopathy and humanity evolves, but for now The Trituration Handbook brings us up to date with the last 16 years and reveals, in depth, the fascinating phenomena of the C4 potencies.

Finally, if this book succeeds in its intention to inspire you to want to experience a trituration yourself, I offer my assistance in obtaining the required apparatus and materials needed to do so.

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