2015 Seminar Highlights

Starting in March 2015 was the California Homeopathic Medical Society with Roger Morrison and Nancy Herrick speaking on the Acute Miasm, and how trauma or shock continues to manifest in people’s lives as if they are still living in it. We also heard from Kathleen Scheible on bringing homeopathy to Bernal Heights, Melissa Assilem on the Matridonal remedies, Karen Allen on treating seniors, and Dana Ullman on the latest research. This was followed by a meeting discussing where we all want the CHMS to be for supporting all California Homeopaths.

March saw Kim Kalina return to give an Advanced CEASE practitioner workshop where we saw cases of Lyme and other neurological diseases treated by carefully finding and removing the obstacles to cure, usually an assault on the parent’s system that left a lasting imprint on the child (or animal) putting them at risk for similar issues. Treatment with good homeopathy, including the offending substance as an isopathic remedy and with orthomolecular support yielded increased health over time.

Then Peter Chappell rounded out the series with his seminar based on his years of field work in Africa and other countries, where he saw numerous examples of trauma underlying many of the people’s complaints. He postulated that there is no such thing as chronic disease, only long-lasting illness patterns as a result of serious trauma, toxins or other damage. As these build up over time, they lead to the wide range of symptoms we see that are classified as chronic illness. The study of Epigenetics gives credence to these theories; showing that genes are not fixed but that they respond by becoming active or closed due to environmental or situational effects. His newly created remedies address these assaults, such as War and Genocide, Rape Trauma, Lead Poisoning, and more.

We welcome seminar attendees to send us your case stories from working with these remedies so that we can all learn from each other. Cases can be sent to: seminars@homeopathywest.com

Judy and Anneke