Wiet van Helmond

Wiet van Helmond’s recent seminar on Lyme Disease. It’s not a new illness! But it’s fast becoming a modern epidemic which Western medicine has no good answer for, and homeopathy does. This is a don’t miss seminar with cases, remedies and the wisdom of Wiet’s over 20 years solid clinical experience. Includes the full powerpoint presentation.

Wiet focuses on the current Lyme disease epidemic from a classical Hahnemanian miasmic point of view, as a way to illuminate and prescribe for this increasingly common ailment. Through understanding what this spirochete signifies in our current society, we gain a deeper insight into this illness and improve the quality of our treatment. Understanding the ‘red thread’ running through a wide variety of Lyme cases will heighten quality of our treatments. Wiet will present several brief cases to look at acute clinical remedies for Lyme as well as constitutional treatment.

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