Global H1N1 Trituration

H1N1 – Intention Remedy – October 25, 2009

We start with a transcript of the complete group trituration. We relate what people actually say and how they say it. As you read through you find initially that everything is jumbled together; as the trituration continues you begin to see the common threads and you can feel the whole picture of the remedy coming together. The individual trituration reports follow and they further consolidate and confirm the themes of this remedy.

C1 – Round 1

Is it real? This flu? So much fear and hysteria around it makes it seem unreal. But kids are really dying.

Parents are responsible for protecting their children. This flu is very serious. Even if it is not as deadly as we are told, the story is very real. The story is amped up. What if it is not so serious? Reality and panic.

I think that focusing on this phenomenon in all of its facets provides an inoculation. And it creates an opening to a permanent solution. So it will not be a wave that we have to ride over and over again. Because if it is not H1N1, then there will be something else later.

You are talking about the children. Failure of the system and the parents to protect the children. And the issue of masculinity. The uninitiated Mars; the distorted male who is off fighting wars and injuring others instead of protecting the children as they are supposed to do.

Resistance and rebellion.

I don’t want to rebel at all. I am in a field of non-aggression. A quiet place of action. Where is the opening? Borders, boundaries. Antibody. Immunity. Some of these assaults are to become part of our system; we are supposed to incorporate them and now that is what we are resisting.

My patients with the flu were saying: “I really needed a break for a long time and this forced me to take one.” At the same time they hit a dark place, saying: “I don’t feel good at all about myself. Do I really have a reason to be here? Should I check out?” One patient actually said “I needed to break.

I took a few days off last week when I hit a wall. Was there a purpose for me to be here? What difference would it make if I weren’t here?

The issue of multitasking. Not as efficient as focusing although someone looks really busy. And yet there is still one person in the family who does the multitasking, below the surface, organizational work: Mom, completely strung out. Working two jobs—or three if you include parenting. Herculean task, just doing what they think they need to do. Skilled at everything and not good at any one thing. One minute attention span.

As a kid I would sit all day and look at an ant hill. Do kids get to do this today? Or are they being rushed from one activity to another, never allowing things to sink in?

Discussion of office manager. Multitasking. The job really needs three employees. And I can not afford to give three people a living wage and benefits; the whole system is toxic. Where are you going to go?

The medical profession is overwhelmed and stressed out, and the social system is stressed out, so let’s just jab everybody and keep them home. Treat them with email and a jab. Don’t even figure out what is going on. At this point in time, the medical profession is not even testing whether a flu case is a case of H1N1. They just assume it is, if someone has the flu, because it is too expensive to do the testing and they don’t want all the sick people coming in.

What is the design? It buys the system time to keep it from collapsing. Speed. Rushed.

This flu comes on very fast.

My back is hurting.

Keep it to yourself! I can’t believe I said that. This was an immediate self protective response. And I noticed right away how toxic my comment was to the person whose back was sore. And I don’t want to say that at all. I amend my remarks to, “You are not alone with this; I will help you if I can.”

Time and speed issues. If it is an epidemic, there is something more than the individual. Something is going on? A time distortion is associated with susceptibility. Moving too fast, something to do with speed, especially for adults, but how does it (speed) affect the children? TV, games, computers, after-school activities; we’re breeding multitasking into them.

The multi-vaccinated youth. Why them? The children are dying in order to get us to slow down and see what is really happening. The sacrificial child. Children and young people are our future. Are we so selfish and greedy that we are sacrificing our future?

This is the Libertarian position: I do not want to pay for anyone else. No acknowledgement that others paid for them; that their parents paid for it, that labor went into the tomatoes; no; I paid for it myself. I will not pay for you. Selfishness. Selfish entitlement. Me, me, me, me. The baby boomers–selfish entitlement to the degree that we are sacrificing even our children. So the kids die. So what? It’s a culling mechanism. There are too many people anyway. Eugenics in operation perhaps deliberately with the vaccination program; with the contaminated vaccine that seems to be at the heart of this outbreak. Deliberately contaminated and distributed?

Capitalism[1]. The message that we have been getting all our lives is about competition. The strong survive and only the best make it. We are encouraged to compete. A nephew, a pianist since age 10 in competition at Carnegie hall. Me, me, first, first. If you do music you compete. Schools are competition. The wider culture is competitive. Competition is not who we are. Survival of the fittest at the cost of everyone who is not as fit is not a functional model. Competition is useful but not if it’s the only thing. You only count if you are the best in the world. If you take it on you must win. Only First Place counts.

I cannot get a word in edgewise! I’m hunching up my shoulders. Everyone is breaking into the conversation; pressure; rushed feeling.

As a smart kid, you are looking at high schools, specialty high schools. Do you really want that? You get swept up in it. I have a patient who is 17, and only wants to do what he needs to do to get by. “I am not going to break my butt and do what others do. Competing to do well to get into best schools. ”

He is a good kid. He has friends. I think he is a well-rounded kid but the family is concerned and think he should not be taking it easy. Their lives are all about work.

“I got into a good college but went elsewhere on early decision. I love medicine but I was on a treadmill. I should never have been a doctor. If I had to do it over again I would not do it. No one asks if you are doing what you love; it is a competitive thing. You can do this rat race and do it for the wrong reasons. Many doctors do not give a damn about people. It is contrived. The system is broke and very ill. Our system is intrinsically toxic.”

You have your own cells in your body, then your body in the family and then the body in relationship to another body and then you have children. An unbalanced hierarchy in relation with someone else exists all the time. Does that mean that you are either a high or a low, a top or a bottom or somewhere in between? In this scale, someone is either on top or at the bottom; this is what causes system collapse. All the people who are in the bottom half do not feel good and the top half looks down on them.

In a holistic model, for all the parts to work, each part needs to do what it is designed to do so the whole can function. Cells in the body, and cells in the organs and the organ systems; they make up the body and the mind. These ideally work in harmony. We can override this, but in general it works as a team. Only if all the parts are being evaluated and appreciated for the part they play. That is community.

Tribes, when it was tribal. Overseeing the child. You would mentor and celebrate. They celebrate personal excellence; no one loses, and no one suffers because of competition.

Every piece needs to have value. We are so out of alignment with being whole. Then a pandemic does what it wants to do. There are so many openings. What comes first: the pandemic or the need for pandemic?

Social upheaval. Let’s start at the ground level and work our way up.

We vaccinate the kids, putting foreign cells into their body, so they can compete. We say to compete, but we are going to do it for you. They have no valid boundaries: their boundaries are being torn down, invaded from infancy. Vaccines say that they are not good enough.

There is a need for conscious parenting. How do kids perceive the adult world? The child is a pure energy system and it senses things. The child senses “I cannot do it; I am not enough,” so a lack of power, early on, in a dysfunctional system. That’s the message. Parents can change that message if they can perceive this.

A friend with a grandchild was concerned about her upcoming trip to Mexico. Immunity issues. I asked if the mom was going to be breastfeeding and pointed out a baby’s nose is big so the baby can breathe and still nurse even when snotty. I pointed out that in the clinic we did not see babies get the flu. So much is contrived. There is no need for vaccination; the placenta antibodies are with the baby and the baby does not need a shot for the flu. It is so sick; the way the body is being lied to.

C2 – Round Two

We restate the intention. In round one the feeling is of not enough space for everyone to say what they need or want to say. Feeling of being rushed. Speed. So I want this round to help everyone, us, everybody, to know that there is a space for them and for everyone to speak and be heard.

Rushed. I do not feel it but I notice it. I felt it earlier when I fell off the ladder two days ago. Back stuff, neck stuff from the fall. The message is to slow down. I did not get it with the car accident (earlier this year). I’ve still been rushing and it has not been pleasant. I don’t know how to get out of it.

The flu has a message. Can we get the message short of getting the flu; can we get what needs to be gotten? Our colleague with the flu is doing the symptoms for us. We do have a broader perspective. Is there more to be said about that? What more is there for us? What is the role of the immune system?

I do not want to be inoculated or vaccinated from this session. If I need to get the flu, I want to get it. If I need that to slow down, I want that.

“Two weeks ago I said I am going to get the flu on Monday. Everyone laughed. I scheduled it in jest, but that Monday at noon I could have gone there, I could have gotten sick. It was the twilight zone. Wednesday I was stuck on the bridge for 3 hours. I was creeping along the whole week and then Thursday I had to take the day off. I was on my way to a lunch on Thursday; it did not feel right and I cancelled at the last minute. I also cancelled my clients on Friday.

Do we need the flu? Why the flu? Is this actually different? Not to be conspiracy buff, but our immunity is too strong and we do need to get the population down, or maybe it is weapons research that got out of hand. We’re human guinea pigs without informed consent.

What is the lesson of the flu at this time? Needing a break, needing to break. The system is self perpetuating; a break is needed for a systematic reorganization. You visit all the parts to make sure you are not excluding any part, not shutting out or neglecting anything. Homeostatic mechanism. Maintenance of what is functioning and whatever else just struggles along, along for the ride. Not there by determined action on our part. Cannot live in the past. A break is like a reset.

There was a conversation going on. About systems. There was a question about power poles; electric poles. How they look out of place. The shadow structure around us that we do not look at. The vultures. Big pharma. Road kill. We are road kill on some level for big pharma. Electric system. Grid, sticking out of place. Solar panels, they are out of place. They are alien also. G says it integrates with the house, not out in nature. A does not think so. It is a matter of aesthetic. It is useful like a roof over one’s head.

Racing around. Galactic bus. Galactic transport.

I do not like your monster pestle. That statement is a rejection of the masculine.

My mind says I do not want those who have been vaccinated to benefit from this trituration. The sheep from the lamb, the injected from the not injected. You are holding this against those who got vaccinated? Yes I am a jerk. It is all part of this; we will hear that the vaccinations were very effective and we know that it was not so. The shadow side has to come out.

We are not taking on vaccination, vaccinated, vaccination producers, big pharma.

Compassion mode. We are in compassion. Innoculate with life. Illness. How does your immune system get the exercise it needs if you do not get sick? In compassion mode, we work with this; to make a difference. All who are scared to death, the scare mongers, the big pharmaceutical company CEOs; everyone needs healing. What about those people who are making out on this? CEOs are completely separated from the person getting a shot. This is not a decision to be made, it is just business. The reality of injections in the arm is outside of their realm. They change when new information comes in. For example, the CEO’s son has autism and his wife insists on alternative medicine and it helps.

In the Jewish fate, if you do not think it is the right thing, or if it’s harmful, the rabbi says you don’t have to do it. Take the next giant step, it is for all of us, the planet is hurting.

Bring things in to balance. Sociopath, but it is a path. We can step from one path to another. Different to choose a path than to have it in your core. No change if it is in your core. I could slow down and go into a different direction.

My throat is very scratchy and I am coughing. My left hand is very achy. Like old tendonitis that is what it hurts like. I have a back pain. I have a bit of a headache.

I have the sun on me, tomatoes over my shoulder.

This is about my nap time. That is taking a break.

Phil calls:

I was in raking up millions of leaves in New York, a raking Reiki master in New York. The Southern Cross, crossing the divine masculine and the divine feminine. A relative of mine came to my mind. She is suffering, profoundly in despair, cannot stand herself, berates everyone else’s success, and yet still finds a way to survive. Suffering and depression seem to be part of this but there is also the issue of courage.

Can you get the message of the flu without getting the flu? We are all one. If one human has gotten the flu, then anyone/someone else can contact that archetype. The information and the knowledge are there for all of us.

Courage is a message from this flu. You can suffer and be depressed and then move on with the courage.

Adversarial. If you have an urgency about some things needing to be corrected, then would you be so non-adversarial? Do you have to be adversarial to be proactive? Is there an emergency to this? If you see something happening that is threatening in some way and someone is perpetrating a harm, and in order to correct it, to reverse that threat, you would have to do something which is more assertive or aggressive, would you not take that stand? Aggression is not necessarily adversarial. I would take action and be as aggressive as I have to be. Even to the point of perpetrating violence if it was necessary for the greater good but I would not consider it adversarial. I am coming from a place of working with the common good.

You are contradicting yourself. Because I am the friend of your soul, and the Enemy of your project. I always know what is better for you. Oh sure.

Abraham on the mountain with his son. God says sacrifice your son. Your favorite and only son. God says that is what you need to do. Where would you say in your arrogance, that you know better. I could say common-like ‘God, get a grip’. As onlooker what would you say? Outlooker? Identify with your soul and know better than you what is good for you?

Like mass innoculation.

You are sometimes going to pit yourself against the status quo, but maybe not by choice. In an adversarial relationship there is a winner and a loser.

Carolyn Casey in her community created a solution for a problem they were facing. It took them out of the adversarial relationship they were in with a developer about his undesirable project. The group imagined together that a girlfriend would show up for the developer and that he would then abandon the project and that is exactly what happened. She found a good solution and they all worked on that solution together. Instead of going head to head with him about the project, in an adversarial manner, they imagined a solution where all could benefit and this actually came to pass.

The flu is this undesirable project and we as a community do not want the flu. The solution for the developer had to include him in a non bad position. We do not want the flu to do any more damage than it has done. Like killing children.

This particular undesirable project is called H1N1 and we as a community are asking “do we need it? How can we coexist with it? What sort of relationship do we want with it?” If we take this Carolyn Casey story as a parable, what could we come up with as a community as a better story to put out, to engage the H1N1 flu energy so that it will do something good?

Some gift in the H1N1; perhaps taking a break?

H1N1 has been around for a while I hear. It is getting bigger and bigger, permeated every paper for a couple of weeks, I am sick of it. Have we gotten what we need to get. Have we gotten the message that it brings? Can we release it or forward it to where it needs to go? I am not so concerned whether it could fizzle or blossom somewhere else.

This brings up that we can decide that. I do not need it to be any one single thing.

Virus aids transformation. What about us as a community, all of us wherever we are, do we have enough of this fear, hype, opposite us? That is the C-2 story. There is also the virus; what does it have to do? The question started with the immune system and its role in the greater system. Where are we with that now?

C3 – The third round

A virus aids transformation. This is where we left off. Restating the intention: That we can go through the trituration to get the message of what it is saying, doing, and without having to experience the symptoms to go into the lesson at the higher levels, to not necessarily have to go through the lower levels. Phil says if anyone on the planet has had it, we have access to it. This process is applying this, accessing it through the trituration.

We have not talked much about physicals:

Fever, left ear, burning.

Back ache and tension and up into shoulders.

Coughing and hacking and sore throat.

Low back mid back, above the waist.

No gastrointestinal symptoms? I feel like I could vomit.

Diarrhea. And ear pain, and achy shoulder.

Attack is on. Innoculation by mandate. You choose: come and get me. Run and hide is an option. The opposite of adversarial. Or acceptance? The three miasmatic responses: fight, flight or freeze.

I feel like I am being attacked by no-see-ums (tiny flying bugs that bite; they are so small you cannot see them). I am uncomfortable. Like I am under attack. Uncomfortable. Only the men are getting attacked.

At this point we sent an email to S in England. She said “We need to stand up to this together.” We all feel good with a sense of community and that others are participating. Synchronicity with S. (Her trituration report follows this one.)

About fear and being under attack. A patient recently told me: “if I speak up I will be annihilated.” He is coming into realization that he has said this; annihilated. “I really do feel that way.” I said it seemed important for him to risk annihilation. He hung in there for 30 years with that fear. His wife got vicious with his passivity.

Abusive. Adversarial. Have to do something. Just putting up with it is not good for anything. Sometimes you can wait for ideas, for opportunity, other times you are stuck. Getting beat up, long-time scenarios, feeling stuck, feeling the opposing force is so big, you can not fight it, can not go up against it. You can not fight it, you have to suffer through it, and you just suffer.

A client came Friday for anxiety. She is in the middle of a divorce, now in mediation. She knows she is going to lose in court; in the end the judge and the husband dictate what career path and what job she has to have in two years in order to be able to have custody then. I thought anger made more sense than anxiety. You have anger if you feel like you have power, and anxiety when you feel none. This woman also feels if she says anything she will be annihilated.

If we do nothing we are screwed. Fear is that if we speak up we will be annihilated. But in reality if you do nothing you will annihilate yourself. There is no option but to act. You do not want to react, you want to act. You don’t want to stay in the field of the fight, where possibly you might get annihilated. Real or perceived fear, but it is there. If you react you stay in that field. Step out; take action. Take that field into full account in your own field. In a smaller field you have access to all of your resources. Pull it in; you are bigger. You are in your own field. You have to come to a certain level to be able to do that. A certain level of awareness or development, or openness.

Brits are the ones saying: “rise up as a community, resist.” And the Californians say: “I do not think that we should be adversarial.” The Brits are thinking about civil disobedience. Not to let government and big business decide. Shut down traffic, shut down business as usual.

The face of H1N1: the kids on the front page, the kids getting the shots, the kids with the nasal flu mist.

Tightness in the chest. Behind the sternum

Scratchy here. Physical finding: expiratory wheeze.

It was deliberate resistance.

If I am going to get sick I want to do it well, so I do not have to repeat it like getting the chicken pox three times.

The vaccine is a one size model, but one size does not fit all. Flu mist is live vaccine, and the virus sheds. Tamiflu is very water soluble. It is already in the water supply and you pee it out also. We will get tamiflu resistance very soon.

C4 – The fourth round

Concerns regarding contamination with spoons falling and going back into the powder: contamination, desire for contamination and also something about manipulation.

Some word play: flu goes to flue, goes to full, goes to fool, swine goes to swindle, chimney flu, one flew over the cuckoo’s nest.

Intention: to learn the lesson of this H1N1 Swine Flu 2009; what it has for us as individuals and our community and the wider community, and to be able to internalize what we learn from it without having to be sick with the flu. That is the set up. Something about community and how to move past being adversarial. Step off that particular path, onto a different one. Incorporate the shadow part, without being taken over by it. In C4, having both sides.

Where is the immune system? Resistance is not futile. (Banner over the highway proclaiming ‘Resistance is Fertile.”) We are moving past resistance.

Sometimes fighting is a really good thing. United we stand. We draw the line.

I do not want to go into fighting against; every cell screams not to go there. Is fighting against resistance? Resistance is subverting the system and circumventing the system so you meet the goals that you have in mind, which is not the same as the goal of the dominant system.

Conflict is different from fighting. Depends on what you do with it. Conflict is inevitable. But it does not mean that you have to kill someone. I think fighting is a creative force.

Immune system: I have read that when you have a bug then your immune system responds to it, you incorporate it. Some element of the bug then stays in you. We do contain the varicella virus; it survives and thrives in your ganglia, and when activated comes to the skin. TB, herpes viruses, hepatitis for example, and other foreign entities reside within. You co-exist with the bug? Not exactly. There is a dormancy component. Maybe not symbiosis; maybe they are doing something; it’s not necessarily a parasitic relationship. Some people get rid of a virus and others do not. Some people get rid of Hepatitis B while Herpes Simplex stays in everyone.

Human Papillomavirus: do you have every strain? And do you want more?

Or do you risk your immune system with the vaccine? Like someone with HIV – do you ever dare to have sex with that person? Well, if any single human has it, that means we all have, so go for it!

If a community is exclusive, then there exists a stranger, the enemy that comes in and makes trouble. If the community is inclusive there is no enemy and there is no damage. Teach the body to see the virus that comes in as an interesting tourist instead of an invading terrorist.

The question is – is any virus in any organism ever 100% fatal? No. Even rabies is not 100% fatal, or bubonic plague. A lot has to do with your endurance, your nutrition; you can outlive the virus, outlive the invasion threat. Also the virus can morph into a weaker strain or be attenuated by others.

People can die just from panic. The flu, a disease, can trigger that kind of response in some people. Something comes and ooh, the house is on fire. And some one else takes it more moderately. There was an experiment: kids with asthma watching the show ‘The Lion King’. Scientists monitored oxygen use. The O2 saturations would drop when the kids cried, and when they laughed their O2 saturation levels rose! There is a happiness component to our health. Illness is a reaction to what is going on with the child.

We are deporting immigrants; it’s about me and mine; do not come into my territory. There is the foreign component; the flu comes from foreigners. The Russians got the flu because they traveled to a foreign country; it was contracted abroad. It is called the Mexican flu. Xenophobia. Fear of other.

Fear of animals. Fear of a species. The swine component is interesting; swine are physiologically similar to us. We use pig heart valves. Because of this similarity we already know Swine Flu. Is anything really foreign? Similar strains of flu existed; if you were born in 1950 or before, you have already encountered it. In 1978 we also had something called the swine flu. H1N1 is a combination of human, bird and swine. What have we not seen; what have we seen? A CBS program mentioned that people are suffering from a variety of flus.

The susceptibility factor. Natural immunity is often the best. What is natural immunity? You have to get a full exposure, and a complete immune response. You recognize the virus and you develop an immune reaction; you may not have to get sick. If you get sick you have full immunity, if you live.

A criticism of vaccines is that they only convey partial immunity. A vaccine is very specific; but gives only partial exposure. Even with chicken pox immunity is 10 years at best. Smallpox vaccine may have lasted long enough to kill off all small pox viruses, because it seems to be gone. Blood stream immunity is different from placental immunity, also from breast milk immunity.

Immunity is not one size fits all. IgG, IgA, IgM are different immune antibody responses reflecting different pathways and different accesses to the body, and different time lines to the interaction within the body. If I have a business I have different people in different positions to have a functional model. There has to be a central command. It is called the vital force. Nothing in the body works in isolation.

A baby comes into the world, out of the womb, with fairly open borders. A baby at the breast, the mouth is always occupied. The baby is always busy developing his immune system against whatever comes along, without being terribly sick. Parents will say, look he is teething. You get the same virus and you are a wreck and the baby is just drooling and sneezing. Fussy, but surviving fine. Babies and children can show us how to do it and now they are the ones that are dying.

We are talking about the children dying. It is curious. Using the fear thing to make the kids get their shots, but that’s what I learnt to do in medical school. Shots give a kind of immunity but not the same kind that they get by getting sick from the actual virus. The immune system stays asleep and the body doesn’t get stretched; it does not get tested. Like getting an A in school without reading the book; it is not true knowledge, not truly integrated. When you get colds and stuff, then that is the normal part of the immune system working.

The kids are the canaries in the coal mine. Many children have asthma, some have diabetes – why are they sick already, so young? Kids and young people are the future. And we watch and sit back and let it happen. No one is asking why the kids are dying. We never saw flu in babies in 30 years ago.

Is it not the case that the kids who are getting sick are multi-vaccinated children? Medicine does not address this toxicity. We are actually producing the canaries; we are giving them the vaccines as a way of finding out if they can work, and what the side effects may be. Medicine has made the decision that vaccinations work. That avoiding disease is good, avoiding disease at all costs.

Being cautious about situations, poisoning, toxicity, and health makes perfect sense. But when I was little, if someone had anything significant we would go to meet them in order to get sick with that virus, like chicken pox and measles. The community responded by letting everyone get the illness and allowing the body to do what needed to be done. Let’s do it now so that we do not go through each child being sick in sequence. It is more benign to get these viruses while young.

H1N1; Every time we talk about it we go to a discussion about general immunity. We start to talk about this flu specifically and then we talk about something else. Are we having trouble taking the actual information in? Is talking about other things the busy work, to keep the real answers out? All of this discussion about the vaccines?

There is something sinister about this scenario. It is more than just a flu. Much more sinister. Same as with the avian flu. Whip up some mass hysteria.

Between the study group two weeks ago and now, I have been thinking about it. Bringing H1N1 in and having it make sense, and doing what we have to do to incorporate it. My daily meditation has been on this thought: I am inviting H1N1 in with an open immune system. I want what it has to offer. I want to be good with it. We might look back on this epidemic as ho hum, but I think this trituration may be important on many levels. We are inoculating ourselves right now – does that lessen the impact of the flu overall, or make it disappear all together??? (Note: after this trituration in all of our experiences, the flu hype completely disappeared, as if it had never been there at all.)

What do the children need from us? We need to protect them, but not too much so that they can develop. Children now are being raised where everything is controlled; they don’t go out on their own on the street. They have supervised play dates. They need autonomy. They need to be themselves. They need time to themselves. Everything is regulated. They need to be interacting with the physical system, the energetic world. They need to be in nature. On the whole, they’re not allowed to be out in the world without an adult. The message is: the world is not safe; the planet is not safe. NO dirt on your hands, ever. We have plasticized, artificialized, and sanitized all our surfaces. NO regular staph can live in the home, except the resistant strains. This is abuse. No one can walk to school without an adult until they’re in high school. And we’re going to vaccinate them against everything so they won’t ever get sick.

What they need is protection. That we watch over them from enough distance, so they can develop appropriately. All these bugs that they’re going to encounter, that they need to meet and interact with in order to develop, we keep them away from. By taking away normal opportunities to encounter the stranger, we end up really throwing them to the wolves. They cannot develop the inner resources they will need.

There is this gigantic rise in autoimmune diseases and autism. It feels very sad. We could spend hours talking about things we did as children that kids never do anymore. We used to spy on the gypsies! And they were the kidnappers. We all had freedom. And then the milk cartons showed up. And we were never told that most of these lost children were a result of custody battles. We have sanitized Halloween now. Halloween used to be for mischief; kids acting out. Dealing with fear; cross-dressing! The shadow; going out at night. In Indian tribes teenage boys used to guard the little ones as they played in the woods without ever letting on they were watching. And only stepping in when there was a real danger or a need. And the kids never knew until they grew up and were inducted into the teens.

Courage; facing what we do with courage. If we take this on, we want the kids we have contact with to have this remedy, this healing force. The acute venting the chronic; wake up and live your life courageously. And you have what it takes to do so. And faith. Faith in our kids’ ability to live their own lives.

C-5 Trituration level

We restate the intention: looking at getting info from H1N1 in particular and understanding its role and our part in these epidemics. We want to include the children who have been affected by the epidemic and try to understand their susceptibility and their teaching. That we love all the parents who behaved in whatever ways that got us to this place; the pharmaceutical companies; the larger community; to accept it all with love so it becomes possible for us to incorporate it. To see the virus as a change agent; parenting is necessary for survival; fine tuning the parenting so we can have healthier species. Parents are doing things out of fear and out of love. To understand fully what this transformation is that we’re being called to move through.

How do we move from fear? With courage. And with love. We don’t know how to love as a species too well. Good to strive for but there is so much contamination in the world and there are so many other factors at play. Love is an ideal state, like paradise. In the real world, you’re living with parents who have real fears and are dealing with them. You don’t get very far saying “just leave them be and let them live and don’t be afraid.” How do we really move away from the fear place? How do we do that concretely? On an individual basis, it’s easy but with many people, it gets more complicated. When we discuss the flu, some people are in such a fear place about it. Fear: it’s such an easy excuse for everything. We don’t let Johnny ride a bike to school. Fear is a toxic sphere. Fear clogs up the pores. Fear in the good way is part of the biological survival mechanism; it’s there and you can count on it. People who are stuck in a hyper-fear state. Makes you think about giving Aconite as a first response to the flu, does it not?

Now some people said they needed to break; to take a break; to shut it down for a bit, in order to function. Crash, reboot. Others use drugs to not continually carry that state. I understand why people go to those places; where they take something to avoid that feeling of fear.

The bomb; Pearl Harbor; genocide; WWII; 9-11. Is it an individual thing or is this a societal thing? You don’t get a societal change if only a few people are sick; you have to shut down the office. Have everyone be sick. The earth will shake us off if we don’t get it. You are forced by something like this flu to make individual decisions; e.g. you decide whether to take the vaccine or not.

I want to go back to my question regarding the issue of being isolated, and the fear factors, The internet connecting us and that also allows instant fear info. If it bleeds it leads the news. Accumulation is a chronic state that’s building up. Did things get cleared in the past? Now we’re building more; we need to shake off decades of stuff.

We talked about forgiveness a bit. Forgiveness is the wrong word. It is actually releasing. That is a better word. Release something to move out of it.

If I release, it gives it (responsibility) back to the other. You remain responsible for your own actions and for what you yourself do with it. It does not absolve the other from being a responsible human being.

Language is important; what do we communicate really? We assume that we mean the same thing and we may be planets apart. This leads to toxicity and then it needs lots of time to get things cleared out. Misunderstandings, for instance, around vaccinations; that there is this vaccination for H1N1. There are differences whether we are talking about the injectable, or the live nasal vaccine or the mercury based preservative multi vial vaccine. And we are not speaking the same language, they are not all the same issues, risks, though we lump them together.

People come to you and imbue you with physician power. You know things that others do not know. Making assumptions about where other people are coming from or what they mean by what they say. You go to the doctor. Doctor interprets test results and it means X. You should be taking this drug. There is a power imbalance. What happens? The majority go with the advice. Yes, they make an assumption. I would assume that they, the doctors, know what is best, but do they in this situation?

Making assumptions. If I do not check out with the recipient that they are understanding what I am saying, the possibility of skewed reality results. It can go different places.

Can this flu – can it be an interesting tourist or does it have to be a terrorist?

Maybe we should not assume it is a terrorist.

What is the assumption? Guess who is coming to dinner?

The message is you have to change. The current model is not functional; it is killing our children. What we are doing is killing the future. We have to make a change. We have to make a break from the current pattern, create a new pattern. The flu will help us one way or the other. The H1N1 flu provides an opportunity, and it may prune our ranks. One way or the other. It has been noticed, that some people are checking off the planet. Is this beneficial for the individual, for the human race, for the planet?

What impact does the flu epidemic have on the propensity of cancer on the planet? As seen from a miasmatic perspective: are we now moving away from our fascination, preoccupation, and increasing tendency to express Cancer, away from living in the Cancer miasm predominantly? It would appear that any acute illness which causes us to stop, to move away from our current programming, would help us move. Are we moving away from cancer?

As we started this trituration, we commented on the newspaper and internet stories about the Flu, the epidemic, the H1N1, the vaccine question. Now we also note that in the papers suddenly there is questioning regarding the screening of cancer, our vigilance for cancer, such as with prostate, cervical and breast cancer screenings. It appears to not be as effective as was previously believed, nor is it needed as frequently, they now say. It’s not putting our heads in the sand, but the screenings may have picked up early cancers that the body would have been able to clear on its own, or to contain or tumorize. With early detection we treat aggressively, and the side effects are severe. The ramifications of the treatment are worse than the disease.

Are we moving out of the cancer era? Toward what? Towards opportunistic infections, acute and tubercular miasmic states? What is the purpose of infection? The purpose of infection is to force us to own our immunity, to activate our immune system, showing that we are individually responsible for our health and well-being. Perhaps we are weakening the cancer miasm inside us by having an infectious event and an appropriate immune response.

With chronic diseases, especially those associated with modern life, the work, work, work mentality and the stress of parenting, working, exercising to stay healthy, busy, busy, busy; the immune system is associated with the neuro-endocrine system; frankly we are stuck in this state in our nervous system. We are in a hyper-sympathetic state in contrast to a para-sympathetic state or a balanced state. In this hyper state, it is a burning of the candle at both ends; it is ultimately unhealthy and unsustainable. We get stuck in this hyper pace. We need to get out of that. What I hear from my patients who have had the H1N1 flu so far this year is:

“I have needed a break, to break, for a long time, I just could not find the way or did not believe that I could or knew a way to do so then my body got sick. It forced me to slow down, to take a break, to lie in bed for a week. During that week, I felt like shit for a while, I had to feel my state of isolation, ask myself, what value does my life have, should I really be alive, do I want to be alive? And then I came out of that state, started to feel better, less achy, no fever anymore, and my strength grew, my detox continued for a few days more, but I became stronger yet in more peace, at a calmer state, not a hyper state. If I try to return to work too fast, I get fatigued; I have to adjust to things.”

If this is what is needed to get this shift, then give me a real attack. Give me the flu. Attack! Then it is a proper response. Get it out there. And move through it. And then able to reset, to a post-hyper state, back to a reboot. Back to homeostasis; for individual, for family, for the culture, for the planet.

Immunity is much busier in the winter; you are more likely to encounter extreme weather changes and bad food or less food; the close air and heat inside buildings speeds transmission of germs. The flu would come through and weed out the weak before you run out of food historically. Now we have too much to eat and we are much more ‘protected.’

In recent times the only real flu that killed so many people was the Spanish flu in April 1918. There was a war going on at that time. It has been observed that epidemics follow the upheavals in human culture: wars, famines, etc. Why then? Why was that flu so deadly? In 1918 people were exhausted from the war, physically and emotionally depleted.

Aspirin was used during that flu for relief of aches and fevers. The reports are that it was a hemorrhagic flu. Then one must consider the correlation between the people who died and the Bayer Aspirin use, which contributed to blood thinning, and was a contributing factor to the hemorrhaging. It might not have been the flu itself but the allopathic treatment which contributed to the high numbers of deaths. What do we know about Aspirin when it became readily available? Bayer introduced aspirin in 1899. Curiously Wikipedia quotes: ‘spurred by its effectiveness in the 1918 flu epidemic, aspirin became very commonly used after that.’ Of course aspirin use is discouraged now because of known complications (Reyes syndrome).

Speaking of allopathic side effects, what about the children currently dying from the flu? 56 Children in California to date. I feel that this is an inflammatory reaction in the children. The virus gets hampered and stopped in its replication when the body has a high fever. We know this is true of most flu-like viruses. The children who have the suspected H1N1 flu are not at home being cared for by loving parents, like we were when we had childhood illnesses in the 50 and 60’s. They are brought into hospitals, into pediatric or ICU units, with limited access to family, for fear of infection and to simplify care of the child, in a setting of panic and high emotions. Then they are given antipyretics; Tylenol and NSAIDS, the modern aspirins. I suspect the fever breaks, and the virus, in the absence of fever, still in its most infectious and potent replication phase, is allowed to replicate and so this spiraling viral load of virus stimulates an inflammatory reaction causing the tissues to thicken up, limiting oxygen transport in the lungs. Dyspnea occurs. Children are dying overwhelmed by the immune reaction of the body to the ‘invasion’ of the virus. I think that in time this will be shown to be the cause of the dying of young children from the swine flu, similar to the concerns about whooping cough in infants. It is the inflammatory reaction in small air vessels that limits the ability of the child to breathe; the child has to overwork to survive. Some do not make it. I repeat: I believe that it is the antipyretic effect that prevents the immune system from stopping viral replication. With amplified viral replication you get an immune response which is an over-reaction.

We see this with HIV virus. Why do people die from it? The immune system reacts to the presence of the HIV virus. The T-cells go out in the peripheral circulation and sacrifice themselves to bind with the viruses, to take the virus inside them to immobilize it. The virus replicates within the cell, taking advantage of the cell, to produce new virus. The T-cell is sacrificed and dies. With fewer T-cells, the immune system is unable to mount proper surveillance and management of other viruses, fungi and bacteria that are in the environment which then find the immune compromised individual a good host. One could say it is not so much the presence of the HIV virus, but the over-reaction of the immune system to its presence that causes the death of the host. We see it with HIV in monkeys; they have had it in their populations for 2,000 years more than HIV has been in the human population. At some point, the simian immune system considered the possibility that its over-reaction was failing to save the species. Perhaps the immune system just got tired of fighting, or perhaps an intelligent shift in immune response occurred. At any rate the individuals who stopped robustly attacking the SIV virus lived longer, procreated and the species survives now, asymptomatic, but still antibody positive for the presence of the SIV virus.

Immune reaction as illness? It begs the question: what happens if we do not over-react? We could start by culturally and personally adjusting our thinking. We do not have to consider H1N1 as being so nasty. It is just a virus. We have had multitude of contacts with viruses. How many viruses have we encountered since we were born? As a species? Millions. Think about that. What do we do with them? We say hello, we incorporate them, we get a cold, and we take week off and watch soap operas.

We never hang out with H1N1 as the bad guy; we do not go there. When we talk about it, we talk about the immune system, and we look at the virus as an aid to transformation. Hello, come and get me. I want to live through it. I will take you in. Phil says we can take it in since it is here. What about our immune reaction?

Our immunity is our responsibility. Our compassion is our responsibility.

If we have a part to play in the response to this H1N1 problem, then I ask for community. The isolated individual cannot do it alone, he falls apart. As a community we can stand strong and make an optimal response.

The tree that falls in the forest, does it make a difference? You can talk about that for a long time. We come together as a community around this H1N1. I say thank you. Thank you. I have done a lot of thinking about this, all this info coming from all over the place. Seeing it as the interesting tourist coming through rather than the terrorist. Would you sleep with it? Invite it home for dinner? Go dressed as a virus for Halloween?

At this point the conversation drifts back to earlier points which were covered in the earlier rounds of the trituration. This is our signal that this trituration is complete. We are done.

H1N1 Trituration Report

Colleague K in Massachusetts


Woke up this morning dreaming that I was at the bottom of a paved driveway, leading to Emily Dickinson’s house in Amherst. (I’ve lived in the area for 10 years and never sought it out, but have never come across it either). It was dark or dusk, and the overwhelming feeling was that of darkness, the leaves on the trees arching over the driveway especially black. Stramonium came into my mind as I woke up. Not really knowing this remedy I grabbed Prisma and read all about zombification, etc. And now, in retrospect, I see how this carried into my field, while working the intention H1N1 remedy.


What is the message that will heal or prevent this virus from causing harm?

What is the fear all about?

Why the children?

My intention is to make a healing remedy for The Flu, to learn from the virus what it has to teach about its world-wide reach, and the fear it has engendered. I ask that a loving and healing energy come into the powder, so it may turn the tide of fear and help those who are susceptible to its viral force.


Image of the earth from far above, looking down on the polar ice cap. Raindrops like tears falling on the earth. They are toxic. It’s the universe that weeps. Tear drops with black nucleus. Feeling of sadness.

A remedy to help people pass through the fear of living in a world that is becoming increasingly toxic and uninhabitable. This will teach us how to come through many of the challenges that will face us during the next period of earth upheaval. We are ALL vulnerable, we are all one.

Fear is that no one is immune, no one is safe, not even our children, and they are our most precious.

What is the significance of “dirty swine”, “dirty Mexicans”? The impurity related to the tear drops (rain) that carry the poison. I think also about the zombie state of Stramonium and the pig masks that in Haitian street theatre represent the police, the authorities. Cops (bad cops) are pigs.

The notion of universal corruption and greed of our leaders and people in authority. When there’s no one to trust (authority) then fear of annihilation.


The fever is fear. The congestion is the world pollution. Our dis-connect from mother earth. Fear spreads faster and deeper than virus.

Images of the Armies of the Night. The Plague. The Skeletal Armies of Death marching across a ravaged landscape.

There is a coldness in this round, a lack of emotion. Is it the virus that is so indifferent?

Because our emotion, our fear, is a falsehood and imposed on us. It does not arise in response to our heart’s perception. It creates an enormous energetic malignancy, spread by newsprint and media hype alone, uncontrollable. For all those who come in contact with this miasmatic force, this remedy will protect them.

So it seems there are two sources of Fear – one, the very real threat of a world that’s becoming more and more toxic and with it, the deep sadness that our mother can no longer protect us (in the same way that the virus has been most virulent and lethal to our children, and we cannot protect them) but also the fear that overtakes those that buy into the media hype, who believe the spin (zombies).


This is madness; this is complete abdication of power, of self-hood. Leaving one exposed to the viral distortions. The manipulation is so easy because we are so disconnected from our source.

“Swine” flu has manifested now to teach us values. What is precious to us?

I ask again that the universal forces of love and compassion imbue the sac lac with a healing energy to strengthen the vital force to deal with the symptoms of flu and to bring the insight to understand it.

“I am the virus and no one loves me. I must love myself and replicate myself. You, my host, are powerless. I have complete control. And you are powerless because you have abdicated your power – you have placed all your faith in the other, the swine who would lead you to destruction.” (Note to myself: where does this come from? It’s so dramatic!)


It’s important to re-establish faith in our earth mother and in ourselves.

The virus can be everywhere at once; there are no borders. It is fed by fear. It unites the world. It shows the way to a renewal of relationship with one another and with our earth mother, a trusting relationship. Even as we destroy her she gives us love and the means to heal.

No one is immune, but it is not the individual, it is the collective dis-connect from our mother, our source.

This remedy is for those who feel abandoned, who fear the “end”, and who see no hope in the future. The remedy is love and will bring you back to your faith in a loving, giving, nurturing source.

Financial security, political stability, material wealth – they mean naught. Only the love of our universal Mother is eternal. This is the lesson.

The weight of fear lies on your chest

The milk of the breast is poison

I am low life but high minded

I am promulgated by fear, by false gods

This is their manipulation of me.

Give this remedy to see through the manipulation and fear. To re-establish your faith in the source. All is never lost.


When I finished the C4, I didn’t feel quite done. But I went to bed anyway. In the morning, I picked up where I had left off. My dream on waking was of a group of us sitting around a table talking about bringing these new remedies forward.

Our children are our most precious treasure. When our values are so mis-aligned, then we begin to lose them. This flu is a plea from the mother to once again respect the Earth, trust your own inner truths – do not abdicate your power, your life.

When I finished the C5, I felt it was done.

I also drew a card during the C5 – from the Secret Dakini Oracle.

I drew #29 Self-Preservation

This is a quote:

On the Brink of Eternity, swept over by the Winds of Change, stands a beautifully decorated Egyptian mummy as a symbol of the Immortal Body of Eternity. The serenity of the face indicates the passive attitude of the Higher Spirit to the passing of all the things of the world. The two arms are shown crossed over at the breast, suggesting the concept of Eternal Preservation through the balance of all the forces of time. The mystic Immortal Spirit, or Ka, is shown as a bird with wings outstretched, just below the two crossed hands.

The card expresses the concept of a Self worthy of preservation, as the Spirit which will outlast all worldly change. Divinatory Meaning: A wish to maintain self-integrity through all types of changing phenomena.

H1N1 Trituration Report

Colleague S in England

Intention: That this trituration creates a remedy which innoculates against and treats the flu – it will encourage all of us to feel clearly in charge of our own immunity and it will encourage us all to be able to lean on the community we have created for ourselves, and also the community we continue to create – It is also part of our intention that everyone who participates in this trituration is innoculated and then becomes like a point of light, radiating health and strength in all directions around them.


I start grinding and keep focused on my intention. Feelings of sadness and being isolated. I have done many triturations on my own, and on my own with others triturating elsewhere at the same time, but have not felt this before. I visualize everyone else triturating and think of how I am in darkness whereas you are in light. It is very cold here too. I feel coldness creeping inside me.

I feel a pink light illuminate around me and around everyone else triturating – it is protection and love. Still feeling sad.

Every few moments I get a shiver of coldness and I am feeling thirsty.

Getting chillier and chillier, sadder and sadder and now I am breaking out in a sweat (but this may just be me being menopausal!!). Stiffness all across shoulder blades and back.

Want to lie down and stop triturating and go to sleep.

Need to get a more comfortable chair to help ease discomfort of left shoulder blade. Need deep breaths.

Lovely comfy chair. Better.