Outcome of Telepathic Remedy Experiment

By Eileen Nauman – Wed, Dec 11, 2013

As a homeopath, I had seen from time to time in my office, while taking a client’s case, that I would suddenly “know” the remedy. I would know it with a clarity and sureness that always left me breathless. Funny thing happened, though, after I had that “aha!” My client started to feel better during the continued case taking–and I had not mentioned the remedy nor given it to them. And their eyes would begin to clear (always an indicator I saw when the correct remedy was given), or their skin tone and color would change and look healthier.

As a shaman, I recognize that our thoughts, literally, do have ‘wings’. A thought is nothing more than a conglomeration of energy that is gathered because we wanted it to be so. Very magical to many, but from my standpoint, a common, every day realization. Any time we think or feel something, energy gathers as a result. For every action (thought/feeling) there is an opposite and equal reaction. Only the reaction is in the invisible world around us. Just because we can’t see it doesn’t mean it isn’t there–because it is.

I purposely devised this experiment based upon my own experiences with ‘sending’ a homeopathic remedy to a client in my office, and getting better, to show that anyone can do it. And, as a matter of fact, I’ve talked to many homeopaths over the years and shared this tidbit of experience with them and they come right back and say, “Oh, yes, that’s happened to me, too!”

I find that when I’m in a very balanced, harmonious mood, and I’m connected via trust with my client, in that nonjudgmental state, is when this occurs. On a bad day, I can’t do it. Nor can anyone else. But on a good day, all homeopaths should be aware that they have this human gift of healing to bestow upon their patient. There have been times when I’ve sent a remedy to a person and it was refused. Nothing happened. The reason being that each person is in charge of her/his healing. Even though a person might come to us for case taking, on a deeper, more subconscious level, they may not want to get well. So, the thought remedy is refused. And so is the physical pellets or pillues, as well. This falls under the heading “when well prescribed remedies” do not work. The person does not want to get well at that moment.

The experiment I devised required a co-partner, and that took the form of David Witko. He has a fine reputation in the homeopathic world and I wanted to work with someone who had unquestionable integrity and honesty. I approached him about this with the following stipulations:

    • He would advertise the telepathic remedy proving experiment on olne.net.
    • He would NOT know what the plant remedy was. The remedy would be one that is found in our materia medicas and has a reasonable amount of symptoms to check prover’s who took part, with their symptoms to see if there was a match or not.
    • I would hold the chat, which was on November 4, 2002, and anyone who wanted to take part would stay in the chat room. Those who did not, would move out into the foyer.
    • I would ‘beam’ telepathically, the flower of this plant for two minutes. After that, we would close down the chat room.
    • In the meantime, people who wanted to send their symptoms had to correlate with their ‘name’ in the chat room. We wanted to potentially stop anyone from sending in something–and they weren’t there in the first place. So, everyone who sent in their experience from the beamed proving, had to be in the chat room or foyer.
    • Dave would then put up all the symptoms on November 17, 2002. Those who took part had 2 weeks to get their symptoms to Dave. A copy of each email with proving symptoms was sent to me.
    • I would hold a second chat on November 18, 2002, and those who wanted to partake and learn what the remedy was, would attend.
    • At no time did I ever discuss what the remedy was with anyone. I was the only one who knew what it was. And I would not divulge it until the second chat on November 18th.

These were the rules to our experiment. Needless to say, it created quite a stir on one homeopathic list with pro’s and con’s on the experiment strong and impassioned. As Dave would later tell these people who felt it was going to “ruin” homeopathy, his website was a personal one where people paid a monthly income to be a part of it. Further, it was his right to explore any and all areas of homeopathy however he’d like to investigate them.

The Beaming Of The Remedy

Fifteen people took part in the experiment. Thirteen were female and two were male. One woman was out in foyer and got the remedy, anyway. Another woman was out on a mountain hike at the time, laid down and meditated when it was being beamed out. We had fourteen people either in the chat room or foyer.

Provers came from Brazil, England, Switzerland, the Netherlands, and the USA. Some were lay homeopaths, and others were professionals. Others had very little idea of what homeopathy was.

Nearly every prover had at least one symptom of the remedy that was beamed. Many had more than one. One male homeopath from Brazil had every symptom, and came very close to naming it based upon his state.

When I beamed the pictures of the flower, I saw my thought/picture going into Dave Witko’s server over in England. And then, I envisioned the flower going out in a spider-like hub of energy light to each person connected to that server for the experiment. I looked at five different positions of this flower and the plant it was on.

Two-Week Check-In

On November 18th, people gathered at my chat room at olne.net, to find out what the remedy was. It was Cactus grandiflorus or Night Blooming Cereus. Yolande Grille had, earlier in the year, take photos of it blooming, plus she and three other homeopaths, had done a proving on it, as well. The proving was on the flower essence and was NOT potentized. Yolande and her team faithfully recorded all their symptoms from sipping this flower water essence.

I had compiled a web page of her photos and the information on their essence proving. Further, I put Allen’s materia medica info on Cactus grandiflorus, plus Kent’s lecture on it, and some of Clarke’s materia medica as well. I wanted people to be able to compare the symptoms of the provers who received the beamed remedy against what information we had in our materia medicas and our flower essence proving.

Provers found out very quickly that, yes indeed, they had classic symptoms of Cactus Grandiflorus. I’ll name some of them here, but it would be best to check out the original beamed proving at www.olne.net as well as http://www.medicinegarden.com/NE/Night_Blooming_Cereus.html.

Headaches, lowering of blood pressure, feeling disconnected and unable to concentrate of anything, anxiety, irritability in general and high irritability over noises, depression (sadness), heart pounding palpitations, pressure on the chest, a feeling of flu-like symptoms, feeling colder than usual, sleepiness even after a good night’s sleep, sharp pains on the vertex, pain in the forehead, pain moving from right to left with the headache, vertigo, face flushed, pulsation noises in the ear, sudden, unexplained nosebleed, high salivation, nausea and loss of appetite, coryza, skin dry, itching and scaly, tension in the shoulders or pain beneath a shoulder blade, heart surging sensation, cramp like pains in the sole of the right foot, great desire to urinate, but cannot, oppressive breathing, as if a weight on their chest, are but some of what the ‘beamed remedy’ proving symptoms were. The rest can be looked at and compared at the above web pages.

One prover, a homeopath from Brazil (male), said, “During the moment of the proving I had this sensation “as if sinking through a liquid more viscous than water, where I was integrated into the solution, and then became incorporated by the watery fluid.” With this one symptom he was able to figure out it was either the Cactaceae or magnoliancea family. Later, he felt sure is was the Cactus family was “it” and went so far as to name Carnegia gigantea (Saguaro cactus) as the remedy. Well, he was VERY close! Cactus grandiflorus and Saguaro are part of the night blooming cereus family….so he did rather well for a ‘telepathically’ sent remedy, don’t you think?

We are waiting on further information from our intrepid provers…an ‘after-action report’ where the provers get to look at and review their symptoms (many neglected to put down symptoms that they ignored….not thinking it was due to the beaming of the remedy, but after discovering the remedy, found out it had a direct correlation), we will put together a comprehensive proving of Cactus grandiflorus based upon the entirety of their symptoms. One prover, a woman doctor, neglected to put down rectal bleeding…but realized only after the second chat, that it is a keynote of Cactus grandiflorus. Many provers realized they had not put down subtle or unusual symptoms; not really thinking that it had to do with the telepathic remedy!

The point of this experiment is to make people aware that their thought, do indeed, have ‘wings’. What we think and at whom, has a direct correlation. For the homeopath sitting in her or his office, this is something that has been going on for a long time, but no one wanted to openly discuss it or admit it, for fear of professional censure.

The other point is that if we have built a bridge of trust with someone, that our good thoughts (not necessarily a remedy), may do them a lot of good! And, we can look to our not so favorable side when we have an angry, greedy, competitive thought toward someone, that it is winging toward that person. Of course, if that person is not emotionally connected to you, guess where those winged thoughts go? Back to you, the originator of them!

Another point is that ANYONE can beam a remedy to someone else–whether human, animal or plant. By simply visualizing the substance or plant and sending it with heartfelt and compassionate attention, we can, indeed, help another individual.

We are bound only by what we believe reality is. Homeopathy is an energy medicine. It should come as no surprise that energetic thought forms can be created to send a particular remedy to anyone around the world–and have an effect. In cases where the homeopath does not have a kit with her or him, they can instead, “think” the remedy and consciously send it to the person.

We are what we think and feel. Isn’t it wonderful that in this experiment, fifteen very brave people came forward to prove that thoughts do have effects. I want to thank each of them for their courage. And I want to thank Dave Witko, who took more than a little “heat” from the homeopathic community, to hold this experiment and prove that it WORKS.

By Eileen Nauman
Eileen Nauman, D.H.M. (UK), EMT-B, a classically trained homeopath for over 30 years, was trained by the President of the British Institute of Homeopathy, a consultant to The Royal Family. In addition to being on the faculty of that institute, she is also on the core faculty of the Desert Institute of Classical Homeopathy in Phoenix, Arizona.

Moderator and owner of The Medicine Garden, an internet web site that includes alternative medicine and an active mailing list, she teaches beginning homeopathy to people who want to use this medicine to help themselves, their families, and their pets.

Eileen has lectured around the world on various topics, including alternative medicine techniques, classical homeopathy, emergency medicine, and flower and gem essences, as well as other forms of energy medicine. She is the author of more than sixty books.