We have been involved in the trituration process for over two decades and have made many remedies in that time. In 2008 we wrote ‘The Trituration Handbook,’ where we describe the process of hand triturating remedies from raw substances. We are committed to the trituration process and have guided groups through this process. We’d love to come to your location and help your group learn how to do this. This is truly a way to get into the heart of a remedy and to be able to prescribe it with confidence.

Judy and Anneke co-wrote the book on Bird Remedies with Jonathan Shore in 2003. Pelican was the first remedy we hand triturated in this country and we met during this process.

In August 2013 we triturated Dyer’s Woad (Isatis tinctoria) at the base of Mount Shasta, California, with Sonya McCleod and her Little Mountain Homeopathy group of people from Vancouver. See the full write-up HERE.

Other triturations we have done include:

Amniotic Fluid
Cancer Angel
Copper Beech
Costa Rica or what not to do
Global H1N1
Isatis tinctoria (Dyer’s Woad)
Kidney stone
King Oyster mushroom
Lac humanum
Sea horse
Sea Turtle
Shiitake mushroom
Spanish Moss
The Ghost Redwood Tree
White Buffalo
and various others.