C4 Homeopathy

C4 Homeopathy is a term used to describe the type of homeopathy that works with hand triturated remedies, which have been triturated beyond the 3 rounds recommended in the most often used version of the Organon.

Remedies that are triturated to a 4th, 5th, 6th, and further rounds, are proved during the process of grinding and scraping. Homeopaths that work with these remedies find that they respond to the more existential questions of people. The C4 realm is the higher perspective, timeless and beyond polarity. These remedies provide solutions and answers to the problems posed in the lower trituration levels and by the patient. C4 homeopathy is resonant homeopathy. The homeopath resonates equally deeply with the self, with the patient, and with the healing energies within the remedy substances.

We describe the emergence of this type of homeopathy in great detail in The Trituration Handbook; Into the Heart of Homeopathy. It is an interesting story how C4 homeopathy came about and triturating is a fascinating process. In the foreword Jonathan Shore states, “The process of trituration, so clearly laid out in this book, is a doorway to the study of . . . this living relationship between the practitioner and the remedy, in which the reality of the remedy is experienced within, not only as a mental concept. I feel the need to emphasize that the quality, the force, and the breath of understanding of such a life must be so much greater than that which is lived in the theoretical realm alone.”

For more information on C4 Homeopathy visit the Hahnemann Instituut’s website.