Cancer Angel

Cancer Angel
by Judy Schriebman & Anneke Hogeland

In October 2007 respected Dutch homeopath and teacher Alize Timmerman came to San Rafael, CA for a 5 day seminar on the homeopathic treatment of cancer. The seminar was attended by nearly 40 homeopaths from around the world. Alize related many cases of treating cancer in the Netherlands with positive results.

On day one there was a very frank discussion regarding the fact that many homeopaths have died of cancer, despite good homeopathic treatment. What was missing? Did our treatment not work? Not go deep enough? Not work for homeopaths? What did we need to know or learn about cancer to have this situation make sense?

It was our intention to make a remedy by the trituration method during the seminar. Alize read a proposal by Witold Ehrler (see The Trituration Handbook), about making a remedy by intention only (ie, no actual physical substance), calling in the ‘Cancer Angel from the Fifth Dimension.’ This Being would be able to help anyone experiencing or treating cancer.

The class was unanimously (a first for a homeopathic seminar!) and enthusiastically in favor of doing this intentional trituration proving, even though there was no “real” substance involved. For many this was their first trituration, and no one in the group had done a trituration like this before.

We were completely immersed in the subject of cancer. It was in fact easy for participants to concentrate on what kind of an angel people with cancer might need. We triturated according to Hahnemann’s prescribed protocol, with the exception of the inspired guidance from Witold Ehrler, leading the way by showing what is possible by going beyond three rounds of grinding and scraping (see The Trituration Handbook for further explanation).

We stated a clear intention before beginning the trituration and we restated it each time before beginning another round: to receive with an open heart and to manifest our angel; to invite the Angel from the Fifth Dimension to guide and inform us as to what we need to know and learn about cancer in order to help people heal.

We triturated five rounds over the course of the seminar. We went up to the fifth round because of its connection with the collective. In Witold Ehrler’s analysis, a person with cancer always has problems on the collective (miasmatic/ancestral) level, which is why he suggested the Angel from the Fifth Dimension. In some ways, a person with cancer is more connected to the collective than they are to their individual needs and desires. There is a greater susceptibility for cancer as a result of living for others at the expense of the self. The homeopathic understanding of the cancer miasm bears this out.

Once we stated the intention, we began grinding. Unlike any other trituration (before or since), we soon were all grinding in unison, and the mortars sounded like Tibetan singing bowls. Most participants sensed a presence. We felt a great deal of ease and completion with each round. Nothing was complicated; time passed easily and quickly. After the final (fifth) round, we poured all our powders in one bowl and potentized the remedy to a C40/5 (see The Trituration Handbook) to make the medicating potency from which to dose pellets. All patients take the remedy in this potency.

You can read several personal accounts of this fascinating trituration here (pdf)


Through cases you see how this remedy works in practice; they tend to follow a similar pattern. Patients feel content and at peace when they take the remedy. They make time for themselves and make their own decisions. They regain direction and creativity in their lives. They stop suffering.

You begin to see how it can be useful in your practice. Note also that not a single patient has ever questioned the remedy; unanimously they are happy to be given the Angel. There have been no aggravations from this remedy and patients and their caregivers are instructed to take it as often as they want.

CASE ONE (Live case during seminar)

Note: Long before the seminar began, we had arranged to do a live cancer case. We took this case during the morning of the last day.

A 40 year old woman. Her dark hair is gone as she is in the last stages of a very arduous chemo treatment following surgery for uterine cancer. She had gone through her chemotherapy treatment so well that the doctors decided to give her additional chemo drugs, plus radiation. She is using a variety of complementary resources: juicing, homeopathy, bodywork, herbs from a local acupuncture clinic specializing in the treatment of cancer, and everything else can lay her hands on to help her through this process. Her mother and sister both died of breast cancer. She had frequently traveled back to the East Coast taking care of them and appeared to physically wane each time from the stress of the trip.

She has trouble describing things; complains of being in “chemo brain;” a state of fog. She makes good contact but seems a bit out of it; slow. When asked questions about herself, the answers look very hard for her to access, as if the answer is coming from a long way away.

The case was debated in class and several remedies were considered. Alize’s first choice was Thuja, as it is specific for uterine cancer. Anneke had been absent from the class during this discussion and when she returned she could not believe the debate, as it seemed so obvious that this woman was clearly needing for the Angel remedy. We gave her the Angel remedy first with Thuja to follow in two weeks. She is thrilled to be given the Angel.

Now, 8 years later, she is still living, feeling and looking stronger. Her tendencies to rescue people still are in place, but she makes a lot of space for herself now, and follows her instincts about what works for her and what does not. She has become more discerning about which additional therapies she uses. She has had other surgeries since then for scar tissue removal, but is well past the 5 year survival date. Her cancer has been in remission all this time.

CASE TWO (Anneke Hogeland)

Two days after the seminar a Russian immigrant comes into my office with his wife and daughter. He had prostate cancer, which was treated for the second time 5 years ago with radiation and which first appeared 14 years before. His daughter translates for him. He comes in complaining of urinary incontinence and lymphoma. He wanted to immigrate to the United States to give his children a chance at a better life. He had been a well-respected engineer in Russia; as soon as he told his friends and relatives that he was going to the US, he was “blacklisted” and no one talked to him anymore. His qualifications did not translate to this country and he has worked as an apartment building handyman ever since.

I asked him what he was looking for from Homeopathy. He replies, “A miracle.” I reached for my bottle of cancer Angel and I told him that I happened to have such a miracle. His eyes lit up and he took the remedy home with him, to take over the next few days. He was also given Conium 30C, to take in a few days, as the well indicated remedy specific for his cancer.

Immediately after taking the Miracle remedy, he started dreaming for the first time since leaving Russia 22 years prior. He dreams he is in a grave; it is warm and comfortable. Nothing to fear. Before the remedy he had been quite down, dreading a recurrence of the cancer. Now he is quite happy again after receiving the remedy. On the first night, after the Angel, his daughter calls because he wanted me to know this!

The daughter calls after 2 weeks that he is in a panic because he is almost out of the Angel remedy. He and his wife had just spent some time with old friends. He thought that they seemed so ill and so old and was thankful he did not have any problems like that.

He asked for more of the Angel remedy 6 weeks later; he asks for the Miracle remedy whenever he has trouble. He just feels good on this remedy and that he can handle anything. He is content. Whenever he doesn’t feel good, he takes the Angel. The prostate cancer recurred again. I gave Conium 200C daily for one week, with a 1M to hold. He was treated at Stanford Medical Center and he went through the treatment without any difficulties.

For the past 8 years I get an email from his daughter once every 6 months or so asking for more of the Miracle Remedy. In June 2015 I had a session with him and his daughter. His lymphoma has returned. His liver is affected. I prescribe liver support remedies and supplements and he is grateful for these suggestions. His daughter reports that he has not been taking the Angel remedy and this is what he really wants now.

CASE THREE (Anneke Hogeland)

Mexican man, 60, has all his relatives in Mexico; he is married to a Caucasian woman in the US. His sister developed stomach cancer and is very distressed and suffering. He is given the Angel Remedy, which he mails to her. She takes it once daily and within 3-5 days becomes calm and peaceful. Nothing physically has changed but she is very much at ease and is making everyone in the family feel better. She had a peaceful death about 3 months later and everyone in the family felt good about the process.

Another sister in the same family develops uterine cancer that has metastasized and he comes in to ask for more of the angel remedy. He reports the same story: she became much calmer and the other members of the family have also taken the remedy, which helps them. While she is still quite sick, she is feeling much better in herself. He relates that she is more grounded now than she has ever been in her life.

CASE FOUR (Anneke Hogeland)

September 23, 2010

My sister had bladder cancer a few years ago, and more recently she had a huge cancerous rectal polyp surgically removed with an intestinal resection etc. I have had a difficult time not teaching, preaching, suggesting, pleading etc., to her about homeopathy and remedies, but have adopted the family constellation attitude, “I have a really good place for you in my heart,” and had accepted her going through this in her own way. I had left a large vial of Cancer Angel with her about 3 years ago with the reminder that she could always take this when things got tough! Without knowing whether she ever took it or not – she never said anything about it.

Then she noticed a lump in her breast, and went for an exam. Just before the exam, she emailed me to ask for more of the Cancer Angel remedy because she has been taking it on and off and she’s almost out! Today she went for a follow-up exam to have her breast checked, and there is no sign of a lump anywhere.

It really feels like a triumph for the Angel – I am walking around with a huge grin on my face. Now in 2015 all her check-ups have been clear and she still takes the Angel remedy from time to time.

CASE FIVE (Miroslav Jager, from the Netherlands)

A friend of mine who died recently had a profound experience with Angel remedy. His body was weakened by metastasis of cancer and his left kidney did not work anymore. I gave him Angel remedy and some wonders started to happen. His kidney began to work again and he sweated a lot and he did not get poisoned!! At the end he died in peace with lots of guiding angels around him, one could feel it around him.

CASE SIX (Sara Sunstein)

A recurrence of breast cancer that has metastasized. Saw L. today when she accepted my offer to dowse a few remedies that Judy had suggested for her breathing and for her cancer. She had said to me: “I’m not afraid to die, but I need to know that all of me is ready to, and my body is vehemently saying no.” After taking the Angel remedy she said that the Angel remedy helped her to know where she was and what direction she was going in, (just like Judy had said—a GPS unit)! And that direction is hospice and letting go of the body. And she sparkled and smiled when she said, “Well, I’ve had a really good year.” And she spoke of grief and other things.

CASE SEVEN (Yusuf Erskine)

AB, March 11, 2007

“I feel that a cumulative change is happening with this remedy. It felt quite powerful to me. It is about addressing cancer in a different way. Before, I had felt like the white knights were working against the cancer and had been chewing it out of me. Then, I shifted to a more angelic presence. It was a delicate, glowing, ruby-firing, the red of creation and I contacted it. I had a lucid dream the next night. In the dream, I walked into a room, and suddenly, rushing to in front of my eye was a small deva, or fairy, angel. It was very clear to me. It was like a humming bird and the angel hovered in front of me. It was so beautiful, and I greeted it in the spiritual hands together, Namaste way. And then, I saw a note on the floor after it flew away. It was a note from an unknown cancer organization and they had selected me to receive their attention and benefits of their research. Then, I was saddened. It just seemed too real, I thought that maybe it was only a mechanized angel. The eyes were so blue, the details were so meticulous. But, then, I acknowledged this spiritual presence. And, from accessing my prior spiritual work, I confirmed it was real spiritual presence.

“For me, I am a creative being. I cannot allow myself to be a victim to cancer. I need to be creative to the end of my days. Creative in different ways, my teaching, my thinking, that is an important message to me. When you first brought up this idea of the cancer angel, Dr. Erskine, it was such amazing timing. The beauty is that it is a finer vibrational level than drugs. And it has potential for creativity. Also the image as cancer angel or angel of cancer; it grabs me on a soul level.

“I am a restless artist, this angel contact is picking me up by the bootstraps; and says just do it! No matter how you feel. I am doing the work. I am going to write my best book. I want death to catch me in a high stride rather than being caught when I have run down. I need to finish unfinished business like with my son, and with a letter to my father who is dead now.”

July 24th, 2008

“I had a healing meditation, when I felt the angel gently brushing wings over my body-aura, brushing away cancer and all obstacles to my health and well-being. The gentle brushing of the wings felt very healing and loving. Now the cancer cells were not seen or experienced as “destructive” to me, but as a tough and difficult part of my creative principle (prostate). Death lives in each of us anyway; why not cancer? It announced itself as a creative part of my body. Now I feel free.

“There cannot be any space for my cancer cells to grow, when I am fully engaged with my life purpose, flowing with my life-energy, the way the cancer angel is assisting me. I took the angel of cancer remedy and had a sense of “I have no cancer” and a renewed purpose for this stage of my life, no need to look for it: I am a living example of what is possible at age 70 with advanced cancer, how to live positively and with a creative spirit, with love as my base.”

October 20, 2008

“I was asking the angel to take the cancer cells and fly away with them — then I saw the clear image of this winged being flying away, with the cancer cells draped around it, like a garland, and trailing behind like Hawaii-flowers, getting smaller, and smaller, as I kept in touch with the new truth of this reality: I do not need the cancer cells in my body anymore, and I called out a “farewell” to the angel.”

August 17, 2009

“I am discovering a lot of astonishing insights about my possible unconscious participation in my prostate-cancer development: I am aware of a deep male-wound, a father-wound (abuse), and a son-wound (multiple losses), and I am aware of a possible unconscious need to “atone for the male transgressions in the human species (so much aggressions, war, rape, environmental pollutions, wars…), a need to somehow perform a “sacrifice” of my prostate, a sacrifice with my life…”

October 29, 2009

“I experienced a profound change in the manifestation of the angel of cancer:

This time it appeared not as a small fairy-like image to me, but it manifested inside of me “as my whole body”, with outstretched arms becoming wings. With this change there is nothing outside of me to pray to or to visualize regarding the angel. The blessings and the power of what the angel can do are inside, are in fact “my whole body.”

December 12, 2009

“My PSA has risen in two months from 50 to 73. I am not going to check it again for three months because the thoughts around it are impressing me too much.

I had this breakthrough a few weeks ago about the Cancer angel and the Angel of Death. I realized that they are all different aspects of the Angel of love, different faces. I do not fear cancer now, I am trying to be more in love with myself, and then there is not room for cancer to grow. Cancer is my ally, not my enemy.

(2013 – AB had moved away from the area and there has been no contact since)

CASE EIGHT (Elise Osner)

February 23, 2009

K. is a 63 year old woman who came to me seeking relief from chronic fatigue and anemia. She was in tears at the prospect of living the rest of her life like this.

She often stops breathing for long enough that people remind her to breathe.

K. says she feels like a 90 year old. Her adult children have serious health issues and she develops new severe and related illnesses while taking care of them.

I gave her one dry dose of the Angel.

One week after remedy K. looks brighter. She says she is happier and has more energy. Her family says she is a lot more upbeat. She says the Angel is in the back of her head, making it bright. As a child she was forced to become right handed; with her left hand being tied behind her back. This week she has been making an effort to do things left handed. Her memory is improved. “I can call things up way better, though not perfect.”

She is sleeping better, and if she gets up to use the toilet, she gets back to sleep easier. She says she was “wired real tight” all her life, and that this has shifted. Her daughter does biofeedback, and when she tested K. a few days after the remedy she found significant changes on many levels, including stress levels and brain synapses.

When she talks about her childhood she talks with a very little girl voice. She tells more about feeling forsaken, abandoned, having to be responsible at a very young age for the housekeeping and cooking as well as taking care of her brother. After taking the Angel remedy she recalled that when she was 3 she was drowning and prayed for help, at which she felt a hand come up under her and support her over to the edge.

Yesterday she walked up to an almond tree in bloom and just thought “how pretty” instead of having an asthma attack. Of her allergies she says that it feels “as if the whole world is out to get you on every level”. This week she feels that “she’s not alone with it anymore.”

CASE NINE (Alison Buck)

A friend with cancer returning a second time. First was breast cancer nearly 2 years ago, second is rectal. Some heavy family issues in her life are depression and a difficult situation with a daughter. She was feeling tired of doing the support for both her daughter and herself. She asked me about a remedy and I was reluctant to make any assessment because I did not feel I had enough details to do an analysis. But I realized I could give her the Guardian Angel remedy, and mailed it to her. A week later, she reported that she was in a state of “Questions, questions, questions.” Then after getting the remedy and holding the Angel in several meditative sessions, she wrote the following to me: “I received the Guardian Angel and it’s been lovely. Peace and harmony today as I meditate with it in my left hand. I get a full charge of energy in my left hand. I move forward to having the operation. I feel more relaxed that I have made this decision and I am getting out of the quagmire of what to do. Guardian Angel has helped me soften and receive comfort that all is well.”

CASE TEN (Oonagh Taeger, PCH)

I have an overseas client with lung cancer, on a difficult chemotherapy regimen. He and his wife are both doing much better since, for the past 8 days or so, taking a drop of Cancer Angel every night before bed. He was emotional from gratitude when telling me how much better he was feeling. He is now able to sleep again, to drive, and to walk to the market every day and go visit with his friends. Also able to do some of his work from home. His depression and fear have lifted and his outlook is very much improved. His wife is also looking a lot less stressed and much happier. Thank you for this beautiful remedy!


As you can see, patients feel content and at peace when they take the remedy. They regain a self-orientation; making time for themselves and making their own decisions. They regain direction and creativity in their lives. They stop suffering.

The Cancer Angel remedy may not cure cancer, but perhaps it resolves the situations in which cancer thrives.

“But is this homeopathy?”

In answer to the inevitable questions or criticisms regarding intentional remedies, we offer the following. Colleagues, we are not in Kansas anymore: we have C4 homeopathy; we have rediscovered and broadened triturations; we have Tinus Smits’ Inspiring Homeopathy; we have Peter Chappel’s vital source medicine remedies; we have CEASE therapy; we have Sankaran’s Sensation Method; we have Scholten’s periodic table and plant classification work; we have Vermeulen’s scholarship and historical research; we have dream provings; we have fabulous computer programs. Indeed, if Samuel Hahnemann were alive today, he would be in the forefront of some of these movements, working as hard as any of us to always have available exactly the remedies that help people heal.

We offered nine cases where people have lived well and died well with the Angel remedy. Some homeopaths will reject this remedy and its proving, much as medical people tend to reject homeopathy, and that is their choice. We don’t want to defend this remedy so much as offer it to those who are drawn to use it, as a gift, that has the power to potentially move people through the difficult terrain of cancer and cancer treatment.

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