About the CEASE Course

The course will cover:

• how to individualize, evaluate the need for and accurately apply each of the core components of CEASE – Isotherapy Remedies, Orthomolecular Supplements and the ‘Saturday’ Remedies (constitutional remedies)

• how to recognize which cases are best suited to CEASE vs Classical Homeopathy

• the additional case-taking skills, questions and information needed in a CEASE case

• the key ‘Saturday’ constitutional remedies, potencies and posology indicated in autism cases, as well as other frequently indicated remedies in general CEASE cases (including specific Inspiring Homeopathy, Matridonal and Endocrine Sarcode remedies)

• the key Orthomolecular supports needed to support cellular detoxification in various types of CEASE cases, including supplements, vitamins, baths, etc.

• how to apply and adjust the Isotherapy components of CEASE, including resources for info about drugs, vaccines etc. and extensive country-specific vaccine charts Kim has personally developed to enable practitioners to quickly identify which vaccine may be indicated based on unique keynotes and characteristic symptoms

• how to manage CEASE cases – this is perhaps the single most important aspect of the training, and Kim uses several of her own cases (not just autism cases), as well as FAQ’s from clients and practitioners, to take participants through many follow-ups, crises, etc. so that practitioners can learn how to handle the many case management issues that can arise and how to correctly interpret and manage each one

• how to manage Herxheimer reactions – don’t know what these are? This is essential info if you want to use CEASE safely and appropriately, and more easily and effectively prevent aggravations in classical homeopathic practice!

• other supports and therapies that are very beneficial in CEASE cases, particularly in the management of these complex cases • specific cell salts, bowel nosodes, flower essences and additional therapies to consider that can help the healing process to unfold more gently and easily

Do not delay in registering as space is limited and interest is high. SInce Kim no longer lives in the US, opportunities for studying with her are special.

Kim packs a lot of information into her courses that can be used in any homeopathic case, so it is fantastic value for money and will make a big difference to your entire homeopathic practice.


Eligibility/requirements for attendance & certification:

  • Registrants must be qualified practicing homeopaths, naturopaths or similar wholistic healthcare professionals who use homeopathy as their primary modality and are experienced in chronic case management.
  • Registrants must attend the entire course and pass the short online test within one week of completion of the course in order to become certified in CEASE Therapy.

Your course fee covers:

    • the three-day certification course, including all handouts
    • water, tea and snacks at break times
    • a listing on Kim’s CEASE practitioner webpage http://uheal.net/CEASE.htm for those who meet all pre-requisites and successfully complete the course and online certification test
    • invitation to the private CEASE Therapists Facebook group upon successful completion of the online certification test, where certified practitioners from all over the world (including Kim) support each other with resources, help with cases, etc.
    • an official course certificate issued by the CEASE organization in the Netherlands (received electronically upon successful completion of the online certification test)
    • access to the CEASE Resource Library in electronic format via Google Drive upon successful completion of the online certification test

The CEASE Organization in the Netherlands provides (for an additional 50 euro fee, payable after certification directly to the CEASE Organization):

  • Your name and details listed on the official CEASE web site (www.cease-therapy.com), a resource for potential clients, including a map search feature for clients to find you.
  • Access to the Intranet Forum to share information with other qualified CEASE practitioners, receive announcements of updates & further trainings on CEASE therapy as new developments arise, and receive support from colleagues and experienced practitioners with difficult cases.

Not included in the course fee are:

  • Dr. Smits’ Autism Beyond Despair book (recommended reading prior to the course)
  • Accommodations
  • Meals; you can bring your lunch with you, or visit one of the many nearby restaurantsKim will provide the CEASE Organization registration link after successful completion of the online certification test.