Shiitake Mushroom Proving Notes

Shiitake Mushroom Notes

I haven’t had any experience of triturating mushrooms so am very interested to read and absorb this into my energy!

Just reading that it needed to be taken to C7 immediately made me think of it being a remedy for old, deep, ingrained and stuck issues. Issues that continue to fester and grow within us or put us in a loop.

So it came as no surprise to read that it is for trauma, an event and the consequences of that. The rigidity and stuckness that creates this loop of extremes of dark and light and disconnection and shut down.

The anger “White rage” is not a term I am familiar with but I have a deep sense of what White Rage now means – irreconcilable – continually trying to resolve conflict while disconnected because there is no way to understand or process the event so coping is by splitting, spiraling. Complete and utter sense of irresolvability (is that even a word). I am finding it difficult to express in words what I am feeling as I read the proving. But it is a very deep feeling indeed even as I say the words White rage a sense fills me up deep inside. And I have the sense of wanting to throw my patio doors open and run outside in the now pouring rain and scream!!! Not something I would normally feel!!!

The more I read, the more the film “Flatliners” comes into mind – an old film (but I think there is a recent remake in 2017). It has Julia Roberts and Kiefer Sutherland and Kevin Bacon (I think). They are medical students exploring life after death by each being flatlined for a few minutes and then being brought back to life. Being flatlined opened a door for them to another world that was so dark and threatening and they then could not close it as they were now stuck in between the two of light and dark with no resolution. They had all suffered a trauma in the past and this door opened the darkness of this and they could not escape. The only resolution was to absorb and try to process the trauma that had been shut off. By accepting, forgiving (of course a Hollywood film!!!)

This remedy may be the guide to help the trauma dissolve, and absorb its energy that clears the way and they can find their way back. Helping to dissolve the energy or transmute the energy of the trauma to be able to really see the light and find a way out of the dark and find a way to live with it in some peace. Interrupting the loop. Allowing to step back into reality and be more grounded.

I am already thinking about this remedy for a client who is bi-polar and who took Stramonium. She is now living and working in London and if our paths cross again, I will be thinking of this.

I really resonate with the malignancy that would be produced.

Thank you so much for presenting this proving in a really accessible and clear way as I really believe I now have a grasp of this mushroom and where I can use it and as always now it is part of my energy field, I hopefully will be more aware when someone comes who needs this.

Thanks again.

Sylvia xx



Hello Anneke,

I had put off reading this before, I can’t say why as usually I’m very curious and like mushroom substances in general. My comments are not very helpful but here they are for what it’s worth. I need to read it again properly. 

The main themes are clear but I’m wondering about the white rage. I know about white hypertension and anxiety but not so much that white rage. Perhaps it’s coming my way very soon. I will have to look to see if I can distinguish it. It seems important to me, as white is a theme. And I wonder why, as shiitake isn’t white. The only association coming to me is that white is the colour of death. For suicide in ancient japan people put on white clothes beforehand for example. But that has nothing to do with rage. 

All the rest of the themes are set out in a way that makes it very useable and that is a real service. Thank you very much for doing that, because it becomes practical immediately, unlike so many we have done here which probably none of us have been able to use. 

That’s something you can see in this: the discussions reported are very much to the point, there isn’t all that stuff about floating off and musing on whatever tangents. This could just be editing but it could be that the sense of crisis and danger etc are so powerful they override everything else. This might also be the disconnection between ordinary living and this other state, so that one is in it or out of it, not so much in between. And that’s interesting because being in between has been a big theme for me personally recently as the way to healing. 

The psychotic and cancerous states are clear. I feel I could recognise this. In fact I have seen a young man one time who might benefit but I’m not seeing him right now, only the mother. He had severe anorexia in childhood and has a history of psychosis etc etc. 

I think for people doing SE (Somatic Experiencing) this could be a very useful adjunct if one has this kind of client coming in. 

As often is the case, there’s always the question of how to see the remedy in an attenuated state. Or do you feel that in this substance it is really sort of acute miasm?